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We ALL get Older

So I’ve been doing some soul searching recently with regards to the fact that I turn 50 in December. Age has never bothered me in the past and to be honest I didn’t think it would. However, the grey hairs have seemed to appeared in abundance, I wake up feeling stiffer in the mornings, I don’t sleep properly every night, the shape of my body has changed and the depth of my muffin top has increased...even more annoying is my forgetfulness! At the moment everything is a battle and I feel quite down if I’m honest. So I’ve decided to do this as a sort of blog because I can’t be the only peri-menopausal women in the world battling fat stores and uncontrollable emotions. However I feel there is always something that can be done no matter how small it maybe. Getting to this stage of life, I feel, is one of the most challenging times of a woman's life... anxiety, low self esteem and lack of any confidence are the thing that really drags me down more than anything. I look at skinny young girls with smoothed skin legs placed comfortably in baggy white linen trousers (mine get stuck just above the knee) with envy! They sit down with their croissant and naughty coffee - blindly unaware of the calorie content! I would do anything to be able to eat - in moderation - what I like - but the calories hit my bottom and now stomach before even entering my mouth. I am so uncomfortable in my own skin than I have ever been. Who am I?

However, I believe I can have the serenity to accept the things I cannot change but it takes time. I find that if I exercise everyday, eat healthy food, use efficient supplements and get as much sleep as I can then it is not so bad. Making sensible lists allows me to manage my forgetfulness alot easier so I feel more in control of my day. So it can be done... we do not have to just settle for feeling crap! It is about giving ourselves time to change and time to move forward into the next chapter and remembering that this too shall pass. So I ask again... who am I? I am the same person who loves to have fun and wants to make a difference in this world.

And for the men....patience and a big hug go along way...