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Private Sessions

Allegro Reformer Bed



At Passion4Pilates we offer 1 hour sessions using the Balanced Body Allegro Reformer bed.


The Reformer bed lengthens and strengthens the whole body using a variety of light to heavy resistance springs. The half Cadillac tower allows specific Pilates exercises to be done which improve strength and stability.

Added to this smaller equipment such as Pilates balls, bands and rings will be used to enhance the effectiveness of your customised programme. 

Added to this, we use the Wunda Chair which too is controlled by a variety of springs and also helps to improve strength, stability, flexibility and many more benefits to help you obtain your functional body.

A full assessment will need to be done before commencing with the course of Pilates. This will include a full biomechanical assessment, movement analysis and muscle testing.

Please contact us to book your Assessment.

Wunda Chair

The best thing is Susie does this with an undeniable passion for her clients wellbeing.  If you are in pain or just want to get fitter, stronger and more balanced, go and see Susie! 

~ Rax

'You don’t do Pilates to get better at Pilates,
you do Pilates to get better at all the other things you love to do'

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