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About Susie:

Having been in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years, being introduced to Pilates changed my whole idea of how the body needs to be taken care of.

I realised that often high impact, going for the burn, sweaty exercise is not always the right thing to do for the body.  

I am a very passionate and caring person an offer empathy to you if you are in pain or just feel like your body is not functioning correctly.  


It's is all about YOU and giving you a life full of joy and freedom of movement.  


Pilates has proved over and over again that it can - and with patience - will do this for you. 

'"After 10 sessions, you will feel the difference, 20 sessions, see the difference - 30 sessions and you are on your way to full body restoration' "- Joseph H. Pilates

Qualifications & Accreditations

  • Masters Certification – Pilates Method (all equipment) 

  • (Pilates Institute: London)

  • Biomechanics Coach - Biomechanics Education : London

  • Back Pain Specialist - Level 4

  • (JPilates - UK)

  • Cancer Rehabilitation Exercise Specialist - Level 4

  • (The Wright Foundation)

  • CYQ PTTLS – Tutor and Assessor Qual to teach Matwork 3 Pilates (Drummond Education: Maidenhead)

  • CYQ Exercise Referral for Specific & Controlled Conditions – Level 3 (Drummond Education: Maidenhead)

  • CYQ – Level 3, Pilates Matwork

  • (Pilates Institute: London)

  • Fitness Instructor – Level 2 NVQ (YMCA: London)

  • Pilates Mat Work Diploma – Level 1&2 OCR (Pilates Institute: London)

  • Higher Diploma in Food and Nutrition

  • (Kwa Zulu Natal Technikon: South Africa)

  • Diploma in Food and Clothing Technology

  • (Kwa Zulu Natal Technikon: South Africa)

  • Nutrition and Wellness Specialist (Ontario, Canada)

  • First Aid Certified (UK)

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'You don’t do Pilates to get better at Pilates,
you do Pilates to get better at all the other things you love to do'

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