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Client Testimonials

Here are some great success stories from my clients…

I have been working with Susie now for over 4 years and cannot recommend her enough! Having suffered with back pain from herniated discs for over 10 years, the only solution seemed to be surgery.  However, through detailed assessments, constantly evolving our sessions and focusing on root causes as well as short term goals I still remain surgery free and continue to do the activities I love.  The best things is Susie does this with an undeniable passion for her clients wellbeing.  If you are in pain or just want to get fitter, stronger and more balanced, go and see Susie! 

 ~ Rax (2019)

After struggling with acute pain in one leg followed by the  diagnosis of Osteopenia and a T12 fracture I had to stop Morris Dancing which I had been doing for many years, but thanks to Susie's expert teaching, together with her positive kind and caring attitude, I have now been able to partially resume my dancing – thank you Susie.  

 ~ Maggie (2018)


When I first started doing Pilates with Susie I was very stiff and inflexible. After doing Pilates for 6 years my overall strength and flexibility improved and my back pain had drastically reduced. I can now touch my toes!!

~ Rachel


Susie is a wonderful teacher - kind, caring and infinitely patient. She carefully matches your exercises exactly to your own particular needs and ensures that you gradually progress to more challenging moves. 

~ Jenny


I just wanted to say thank you - as you know doubt remember two years ago I could not walk and thanks largely in part of your patience and help slowly recoverd from my disc issues in my spine. My strength is now fully restored and Mel and I have just returned from our first skiing holiday!! Thanks again for everything!

~ Matt & Mel

'You don’t do Pilates to get better at Pilates,
you do Pilates to get better at all the other things you love to do'

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