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Cancer Rehabilitation Sessions

Can Pilates help Cancer Survivors?

Macmillan Cancer cites research that found that people who took regular exercise had:
about 40% lower risk of breast cancer returning
about 50% lower risk of colon cancer returning or dying of colorectal cancer
about 30% lower risk of men dying from prostate cancer

Fatigue and a low immunity are the most common factors that plague Cancer patients and survivors. Pilates offers restorative movements for those who have been treated for any form of cancer because it places emphasis on correcting the bodies alignment through gentle and progressive strength and flexibility exercises. The Passion4Pilates studio is very private and clean which offers a safe haven for those who do not yet want to be in the public eye or be exposed to germ infested environments.


Benefits of Pilates for Cancer Survivors


Research has shown that Pilates is proven to offer Cancer survivors a mind and body integration programme which will strengthen muscles, improve flexibility, balance and co-ordination before and after surgery, chemotherapy and radiation treatments. 


Pilates will:


  • Restore range of motion, strength and flexibility

  • Improves postural alignment, appearance and confidence

  • Elevates endorphin levels which will help reduce depression, tension, fatigue and weakness

  • Improves energy levels

  • Improves sleeping patterns

  • Relieves stiffness in the neck, back, chest and shoulders

  • Gives an overall feeling of wellbeing




I began doing one to one Pilates training with Susie because I had suffered with back pain for at least 6-7 years. I had tried various activities to ease the pain but nothing worked. When I first started doing Pilates with Susie I was very stiff and inflexible. After doing Pilates for 6 months on the mat and with the Reformer bed, my overall strength and flexibility improved and my back pain had drastically reduced. I can now touch my toes!!

~ Rachel

'You don’t do Pilates to get better at Pilates,
you do Pilates to get better at all the other things you love to do'

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