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Intrinsic Biomechanics


What is Intrinsic Biomechanics?

Intrinsic biomechanics is how the body works mechanically during the performance of a movement or task. This has a major impact on how the body compensates during the performance of extrinsic biomechanical movements or tasks. Often the body is merely compensating for intrinsic biomechanical faults during functional tasks and the more we practice those tasks or movements, the more we have to compensate, and so the risk of injury increases.

As Biomechanic Coaches our skills are in identifying biomechanical areas at risk of injury within your body and with regards to your neuro-musculoskeletal system (including pelvis, spine, shoulders, knees, feet, joints, muscles and nerves). The manual screening system we use requires no machinery so is perfectly safe and has been show to be extremely effective. This programme is evidence based and has been tried and tested over 25 years on both Olympic athletes and the general public to the same effect.

Our methods are such that, together with you, we create a realistic plan of action, advising YOU how to look after yourself with very simple exercise techniques that improve the way you move, allowing better function. In other words we don’t ‘fix’ you, we educate you on how to look after yourself thus reducing cost, visiting time and inconvenience for you. This also means you build a bespoke programme to suit your physicality and biomechanical set up so that you can use it whenever required or as a maintenance programme.  

"I found the whole Biomechanic screening process very informative and the exercises were simple but VERY effective" - Diana

'You don’t do Pilates to get better at Pilates,
you do Pilates to get better at all the other things you love to do'

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