About Rachael:

Sadly due to the Covid 19 pandemic Rachael will not be starting Matwork sessions just yet but we hope that this will happen in the not to distant future! 

Rachael will be teaching classes at the Passion4Pilates studio - coming soon!


I come from a dance and athletics background, having also swum for county when I was at school, so I know the importance of moving your body correctly to help prevent injury and improve your performance. 


Pilates allows me to use my passion to help others become more aware of their own bodies, to move mindfully and to learn how to recruit and engage muscles effectively to create a strong, lengthened body. 


Whatever stage you are at in your life, be it in age, injuries past or present that are affecting you or if you are pregnant or post-natal, Pilates can help support you and allow you to feel at home in your body. 


I hold a Level 3 diploma in teaching matwork  Pilates and I am also qualified to teach antenatal and postnatal Pilates. 


As Joesph Pilates said: “...health is a normal condition... it is our duty not only to attain it, but to maintain it.

'Make Pilates Your Priority'


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